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Church Fundraising Made Easy and Profitable with Products from the Hotline to God Store®

Fundraising program with inspirational audio products – ideal for church programs including youth groups, trips, missions, choir and more!

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The Hotline To God Store® offers quality Inspirational Bible Quote Audio Products that are unique, well made and easy to sell because everyone needs a little inspiration now and then.

By pre-selling and ordering only what your church sells, there is absolutely no risk involved. All while generating a profit margin of up to 100%. There are no middlemen - you'll be dealing with an American company with a 35-year track record.

We make the program easy to administrate by providing you with sales materials, samples, order forms and even a custom website just for your church that allows members to support your fundraising efforts by easily and securely ordering products online.

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Hotline to God Product Line

Spread God’s Word And Raise Funds For Your Church With A Broad Selection of Items for All Ages

Audio Key Chains - Inspirational Bible passages a convenient key chain. Simply push the button and an inspirational message or Bible verse comes to life. Each chain features a religious image. Choose from six messages - each with a religious image:

  • The Word - John 1:1
  • The Serenity Prayer (Praying Hands)
  • Jeremiah 29:11 (Holy Bible)
  • Psalm 23 (Good Sheppard)
  • Matthew 6:9-13 (Calvary Crosses)
  • Matthew 7:7-8 (Holy Spirit)

photo of custom singing or talking keychainPersonalized Talking Key Chain - Create a memorable, creative and spiritual way to promote your church or event. We'll print your church logo, or any other image of your choice on the Talking Key Chain. We'll take your supplied sound file, (or you can use one of our inspirational quotes), to produce your own personalized talking key chain. Ideal for church outreach programs, Christian music groups and choirs, youth groups, special events, shut-ins, or new members.

Children Story Stix (Recommended for Children Ages 3 and Older) - Push one of the colorful buttons and a Biblical story comes alive through rich, vivid prerecorded audio that children will enjoy, remember and treasure for years to come. Biblical stories featuring inspirational scriptures available are:

  • The Story of Jesus
  • Noah's Ark
  • David and Goliath
  • Adam and Eve

Hotline To God Phone - Pick up the receiver and become a believer! Twenty-five popular inspirational and uplifting Bible passages in a realistic, rotary-style telephone. Each of the Bible verses has been carefully selected to provide a sense of calmness and reassurance. Easy to use - just pick up the receiver and push the center button to hear Bible verses. View the Bible Verses

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Each demo kit includes:

  • Two each of the four Story Stix
  • Two each of the five Audio Key Chains
  • Two Hotline to God Phones
  • (25) Hotline to God Store Products Brochures
  • Five Fundraising Program Brochures
  • Order forms

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